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Forster Fuels Texans Past Jets

Wow, what a night the all-pro runningback Arian Foster.  With the Jets coming off a humiliating loss at home last week to the Pittsburg Steelers, New York looked to bounce back.  Only Texas wasn’t an easy opponent.  Forster ran for 152 yards and had a touchdown on the night.  Not only did he have a huge night but defensive end J.J. Watt was everywhere.  Batting down multiple passes, including the last pass of the game, it seemed that the Jets couldn’t get a ball past this guy.

“That’s what you dream about,” said J.J. Watt said. “It’s Monday Night  Football. You’re on the field. You have a chance to end the game. That’s what  you want. For us to go out there and do that, it’s huge.”

With about three minutes left and the ball in Sanchez’s hands it seemed like the Jets might have had a chance to rally.  Unfortunately, Kareem Jackson intercepted a pass from Sanchez that ultimately sealed the deal.


Antonio Cromartie played fantasic last night, holding Andre Johnson to one catch for 15 yards and even had an interception.  Despite Revis not being a factor any longer, the Jets defense looked like it was in gear last night.  Also, the fact that New York incorporated Tim Tebow in the offense was huge.  He is a playmaker and I think the Jets are just starting to realize his potential.


Where is Stephen Hill and Dustin Keller.  Man, the Jets and Sanchez are ailing without these two.  Especially the fact that Keller is Mark’s favorite target.  Little by little, Sanchez is taking the reigns of this team.  Is he there, yet?  No.  But he’s getting closer.  I could be picky about other negatives I saw but New York was beaten by a better team.  It’s that simple.

Closing Thoughts:

It’s killing the Jets that Keller and Hill still arent back.  The Jets need a playmaker.  Say, isn’t there a troubled wideout that is still in shape and just reached out to the Jets.  That’s right.  Terrell Owens.  Should the Jets risk it?  At this point I’d say go for it.  I know that the locker room is in bad shape but at this point I would choose winning over chemistry.  Texas is a good team.  The Jets played good.  It’s a painful fact to face but they were beat by a better, stronger team.  And I can’t fault Rex Ryan for that.


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Revis Might Hold Out Again

What is going on with Darrelle Revis?  Is he going to hold out or not?  The Jets aren’t sure what he’s going to do.  We all remember Rex Ryan and that sailor-like mouth of his on HBO’s Hard Knocks a couple of seasons ago.  Viewers also caught an inside look to the growing troublesome situation with Revis and his then threat to holdout unless pleased with a new contract.  Well Jet fans might be seeing the same situation arise.

Some people are probably thinking to themselves why is he holding out?  He already received a new contract from the Jets.  Though Revis earned a boat-load of money from his current contract, he said that was to be a band-aid while a new, permanent contract was negotiated.

Here’s the problem for the Jets.  Yes they absolutely want to bring Revis back with his current contract making $13.5 million a year but it’s hard to argue with an all-pro corner who basically shuts receivers down for the game.  Not having Revis in the back field makes the Jets go from a top-ten defense to average or even subpar.

In the first seven games for the Jets, it’s not easy.  They’re up against teams like Pittsburg, San Francisco, New England, and Houston.  With Revis on the field, he can lock down their best receivers.  Without him, who knows what will happen.

As far as we know, it is not a definite that Darrelle holds out this season for a new contract.  He’s been sending mixed signals to the Jets organization.  He has be present at voluntary workouts, but hasn’t made any promises he’ll show up to training camp come July 28th.  Whatever he decides, I’m sure it’ll be headlines.  The last thing the Jets want to do is have the situation turn ugly on them.

Here we are.  Round 2.  Only this time things might not pan out the way Revis wants if he does hold out.  The Jets have such a small room for flexibility with the cap space.  Revis would be heading towards muddy waters if he doesn’t play this smart.  If he doesn’t and gets too big headed, then Darrelle might be sitting out for some, if not, all of the 2012-2013 season.

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