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Mets Could Release Jason Bay


Terry Collins has given Jason Bay yet another opportunity to start in left field for the Mets, but the Canadian-born player has failed to prove himself once again after coming back from the DL. The fans have lost patience with Bay a long time ago and now it seems as though Collins is growing tired of the lack of production from the $16.5 million man.

Bay is hitting a measly .164 with 5 HRs and only 8 RBI so far in 2012. If these numbers aren’t pathetic enough, he has struck out 35 times in just 33 games. Obviously the Mets need more from Bay who was supposed to be a dangerous right-handed bat in the middle of the lineup when he signed back in 2009.

Collins has told Bay that he will have less playing time due to his incredible struggles this season, as he will likely platoon with Jordany Valdespin in left-field. Bay will play vs. left-handers while Valdepin will get the start against right-handers. There has, however, been speculation that Sandy Alderson might just cut ties with Bay before his hefty contract expires after the 2013 season.

If they do release him they will still have to pay his remaining $35 million, but Mets fans would no longer have to witness such a frustrating player who strikeouts out virtually every at-bat. It is a very possible scenario as the the Mets aren’t afraid of releasing players before their contracts expire. They cut Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez who were making a combined $18 million with a year left on both of their contracts. Bay is already giving contributing absolutely nothing, so why not get rid of him? The team was playing better without him with Hairston and Baxter in left-field.

Mets fans, you might just get your wish. New York might just move on and release Bay if no team wants to trade for him this season. It is unlikely that anyone would take on his contract in a trade and it is also unlikely that he will be traded through waivers. As a result, the only option is handing him the pink slip.

Hopefully the Mets learned from this situation and they will think twice before throwing a boat-load of money at a free agent.


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Jason Bay: Time to Put Up or Shut Up


It is not for lack of effort that Jason Bay has been struggling in his time with the Mets. The man ran into a wall on two occasions to show to Mets fans that he is at least trying. The problem with Bay is that he is trying too hard. He seems to be putting too much pressure on himself with the weight of an $80 million dollar contract on his shoulders. The odd part about Bay is that the media attention in Boston should have prepared him for New York but he doesn’t seem to know how to deal with the media and fans of the Mets.

I really do not understand how a player of Bay’s caliber can be this poor in a Mets uniform. I mean, he was is a three-time All-Starand was a beast in the middle of Pittsburgh and Boston’s lineup. In 2009 he hit .267 with 36 home runs and 119 RBIs. Since signing with the Mets he has only managed to hit 22 home runs in three seasons at Citi Field. Granted Citi Field isn’t a very hitter friendly park. But come on! Maybe this is all an issue of confidence because it is impossible for his skills to drop off this badly.

Bay has been an absolute disaster since joining the Mets. Every season he seems to miss months at a time with injuries. In his brief Mets career he has missed 165 games so far at the mid-point of the 2012 season. And when he is on the field he strikes out in the worst possible situations, with 223 strikeouts in 240 at-bats. He has completely lost his power and is content on settling for singles. He is basically an overpaid fourth outfielder with no pop while taking up a spot at the bottom of the batting order.

Throw all of the negativity of Bay’s past out the window though.  Forget how bad he was the last 2 seasons because it is all about the here and the now. The Mets are finally competitive again for the first time since Bay’s arrival and the team is desperate for a right-handed hitter to challenge left-handed pitchers. They need Bay to contribute at least something close to what he provided in Pittsburgh and Boston. I’m not saying he has to be the slugger he was when he hit 36 home runs; he just needs to be half of that player.

Bay is currently rehabbing in Class-A St. Lucie and is set to return to the Mets soon. The reality is that this might be his last chance to win over the fans. Everyone is frustrated with him and his ridiculous contract, and now is the time for him to show fans what he is capable of. If he comes back from the DL and provides the Mets with a quality bat in the middle of the lineup, fans will forget about his struggles. Helping the team to a playoff spot for the first time in six years would probably be enough to get him off the hook. But if he comes back and strikeouts every at-bat like he has been doing, he will find himself either on the bench or out of New York. With two years left on his contract he hasn’t accomplished anything in New York.

It’s time to put up or shut up, Jason Bay. No more excuses. Go out there and play like you know how to play.

Take a look at Bay’s career stats:

 2003 SD 3 8 2 2 1 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 .250 .400 .750 1.150
 2003 PIT 27 79 13 23 6 1 3 12 18 28 3 1 .291 .423 .506 .929
 2004 PIT 120 411 61 116 24 4 26 82 41 129 4 6 .282 .358 .550 .907
 2005 PIT 162 599 110 183 44 6 32 101 95 142 21 1 .306 .402 .559 .961
 2006 PIT 159 570 101 163 29 3 35 109 102 156 11 2 .286 .396 .532 .928
 2007 PIT 145 538 78 133 25 2 21 84 59 141 4 1 .247 .327 .418 .746
 2008 PIT 106 393 72 111 23 2 22 64 59 86 7 0 .282 .375 .519 .894
 2008 BOS 49 184 39 54 12 2 9 37 22 51 3 0 .293 .370 .527 .897
 2009 BOS 151 531 103 142 29 3 36 119 94 162 13 3 .267 .384 .537 .921
 2010 NYM 95 348 48 90 20 6 6 47 44 91 10 0 .259 .347 .402 .749
 2011 NYM 123 444 59 109 19 1 12 57 56 109 11 1 .246 .329 .374 .703
 2012 NYM 22 75 10 14 2 0 4 6 7 23 2 1 .187 .253 .373 .626
 Career 1162 4180 696 1140 234 30 207 720 598 1119 89 16 .273 .367 .492 .859

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