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Battle for NY: Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks Open Season in Brooklyn


It doesn’t get much better than this to kick off the 2012-13 NBA season. After Joe Johnson fired the first shots against the Knicks, the trash talk will be settled on the court in the season opener for both the Nets and Knicks as they will meet November 1 at 7PM at the brand new Barclays Center.

The first professional sports game in Brooklyn since the Dodgers last game at Ebbets Field in 1957, the season opener will draw a ton of interest from New Yorkers. There is destined to be a great deal of Knicks fans in attendance to see their Atlantic Division rivals begin their transition to Brooklyn.

The game is set to be an intense one between both on the court between both teams, and in the stands between both both sets of fans. Expect hard fouls, physical play, and a raucous crowd on an extremely exciting sports night in New York. The battle for the city begins.


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Kris Humphries Re-Signs With Nets


Sources have now learned that PF Kris Humphries will re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets for a two-year deal worth $25 million. He will be a part of the franchise moving to Brooklyn after spending two years in New Jersey with the lowly Nets.

Humphries’ stats were impressive as he averaged a double double last season with 13.8 points per game and 11 rebounds per game in his best season as a pro. He is a hustle player who fights for every rebound, plays solid defense, and scores when the team needs him to score.

Humphries’ signing is a great move by GM Billy King, as now the starting five is set. It will include Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, and Brook Lopez. Humphries has had two impressive seasons with the Nets after coming to the team as an unknown commodity. After the bogus Kim Kardashian wedding and some quality play at the Power Forward position, Humphries has made a name for himself. While Dwight Howard to the Nets would have been an enormous trade for Brooklyn, the Nets are better off with Humphries at the four spot and Lopez at center. The lineup is filled with solid players at each position, making the team favorites to reach the playoffs.

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Let the Trash Talk Begin

What’s a New York rivalry without a little trash talk?  Frank Francisco fueled the back-and-forth exchanges between the Mets and Yankees.  Bart Scott took a couple of jabs at the Giants days before they played each other.  It seemed like every player on the Devils and Rangers were attacking each other that crazy playoff week.  But when it came to basketball, the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets seemed dull and boring.  Well the Nets don’t want to be named the little brother of the two basketball teams now present in New York.

The Nets showed off their two prized possessions that they acquired this off-season.  Joe Johnson and Deron Williams proudly took the podium and boasted the new look of the Nets at Borough Hall located in Brooklyn.  Nets GM Billy King labeled the duo “the best backcourt in the NBA.”

Standing in front of a crowd of about a thousand, the Brooklyn Nets welcomed Brooklyn’s President Marty Markowitz.  Marty praised Billy King for what he has done for not only the Nets organization, but for Brooklyn itself.

Though it was a pep rally for the Nets, Markowitz couldn’t help but get in his two cents and light the possible fuse that could ignite a much needed New York basketball rivalry.  Markowitz stood in front of many excited Nets fans and took a couple of shots at the Knicks organization. “For nearly 40 years the Manhattan Knicks have shown they can’t bring a championship to New York, so it’s going to take the Brooklyn Nets to get the job done.  So move over Manhattan; enough air balls. You had your chance.”  Marty Markowitz then went on and demeaned Madison Square Garden saying it “just doesn’t have the same sparkle anymore.”

Joe Johnson was next on the mic. When asked who the better team in New York is, Johnson replied “Definitely Nets. Brooklyn Nets.”

“The games are decided on the court,” Williams stated. “We’ll have four chances to play these guys.”

Last season the Nets went 1-3 against the Knicks.  The Nets were also responsible for Jeremy Lin’s break out game when he tore up the Nets defense and dropped 25 points.  The Nets should be better off defensively as it won’t just be Deron Williams putting the team on his back as he will have help.  With Williams, Johnson, Wallace, and Lopez the Nets are pretty much set.  Kris Humphries, a double-double machine, is also close to being signed.

If you’re a Nets fan you have to be please in the direction they are going in.  Let’s hope that the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets picks up a little speed.  The competition is there.  It’s pretty much a clean slate for Brooklyn. The Nets are good on paper but it’s what happens on the court that matters.

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Howard Not Coming to Brooklyn? No Problem

So the Orlando Magic are reported to be cutting off trade talks with other teams for Dwight Howard.  In a way I’m disappointed.  Brooklyn had a great chance of being one of NBA’s powerhouse teams with Howard at center.  But in a way I’m kind of happy this move didn’t become a reality.  The Nets could be just as good without him, maybe even better.

At this point I bet a majority of the people reading this article is thinking I’m crazy for saying Brooklyn might be better off without Howard but it’s true.  MarShon Brooks, Brook Lopez, and Kris Humphries.  Those are just a few of the major pieces in the Nets organization that they would lose if the Howard deal became possible.  Yes, I am aware that all three of these guys are not even on Dwight’s level but put all three of these guys together and you are better off.

Let’s look at MarShon Brooks.  The 23 year old rookie out of Providence.  He had a great rookie season.  Averaged over 12 points a game and shot over 30% from the free throw line.  Though he had a good year as a rookie it could have even been better.  I feel that Brooks would thrive off the bench.  If you look at the type of player he is you’ll see that he is a quick, energetic forward.  He was seen to be a little shot happy at times but with stars like Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, this issue could be rectified over time.  Brooks is a bench player.  In the curtailed NBA season last year, he started 43 games.  If he stays with the Nets this season, he’ll be coming off the bench with Joe Johnson starting.  I could see him as a Jason Terry type player, coming off the bench with some spunk.

Brook Lopez missed all but five games in the 2011-12 season.  After an unlucky injury in a pre-season game against the cross-town rival Knicks, Lopez’s future with the Nets was up in the air.  I say give him another shot and bring him back.  I guess a lot of people forgot Lopez is a great player.  Lopez averaged about 20 points a game the season before his injury.  Howard averaged basically the same numbers last season.  I think Lopez will have a great season.  With Johnson and D-Will on your team, it’s hard not to partake in the success they will achieve together.

And now to the public punching bag. Who could forget what happened with Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian?  But let’s not go in that territory.  This is a sports blog.  Aside from all of the relationship struggles, Humphries did have a solid season for the Nets.  I mean the guy was a double-double machine.  He averaged a little under 14 points as well as 11 rebounds a game.  Not many people were concentrated on how he played, just what was going on with his personal life.  I guess you can call him a sleeper and a half.

Put all of these guys together and what do you have? A winning product.  I would rather have solid players as well as a bench.  I know it might look better to have Dwight Howard on paper but on the court, these three guys are the way to go.

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Dwight Howard Not Coming to Brooklyn, Lopez Re-Signs


In a surprising twist, the Nets have moved on from the Dwight Howard trade talk after the four-team trade fell through. Brooklyn was apparently tired of going back and forth with Orlando over possible trade conditions, and so they have chosen to turn the page on a crazy last couple of months of Howard- to -Nets rumors.

The Lakers and Rockets are still in on Howard, but there has been news that the Magic have suspended trade talk in order to focus on hiring a new coach. This could be a good sign for the Nets as they might just have a chance to sign Howard as a free agent next off-season.

As a result, Brooklyn has turned their attention to signing Brook Lopez to a max deal. The team gave Orlando the 6PM deadline because Lopez received two offer sheets from the Trailblazers and the Bobcats, and they didn’t want to lose Lopez amidst the Dwight Howard trade talks.

So Lopez will be back and Humphries will follow. Not a bad off-season for Brooklyn even though they didn’t get Howard.

This news isn’t the worst news for Nets fans. Brooklyn is still a playoff team with a rotation of Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Humphries, and Lopez. This team should compete for a top six seed in the East, something fans couldn’t say for a long time about the Nets. Lopez isn’t a bad alternative so long as he stays healthy. When he plays he is a solid post-up center with a pretty good jump shot for a big man. Sure he’s not on Howard’s level, but don’t worry Nets fans; Prokhorov has money to burn. Brooklyn will be relevant and they will compete with the Heat within the next three seasons.

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Dwight Howard Saga Takes a Turn


While it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Dwight Howard would get his wish of playing for the Brooklyn Nets, the four-team deal that would have made that happen fell apart. The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly pulled out of the trade that would have given them Kris Humphries. Reports say that the complexities of sign and trade deals were the reason. Others say that Cleveland abandoned the trade because they did not want to help assemble another “Big Three”, as they did when James joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

The crazy Dwight Howard trade talk has once again involved the Lakers and Rockets after the four way deal with Brooklyn fell through. The Nets have given Orlando a deadline of 6PM today to get a deal done. If it does not happen, the Nets will move on and focus on building their team around Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.

The Lakers have the most to offer to Orlando with Andrew Bynum, but it is uncertain whether Howard wants to be traded there. In addition, Bynum’s contract situation is a concern for the Magic as he could decide to sign elsewhere at the end of next season if he does not want to stay in Orlando.

No one really knows anymore. I’m not even sure Howard knows what is in store for him. A resolution, however, will be made in the near future as the free agent signing period is here and sign and trade deals will be complicated due to the salary cap restrictions. Howard could very well end up a Laker, a Net, a Rocket, or he could remain a Magic player.

This has gone on for way too long now. Why won’t Orlando just get rid of a guy who has clearly stated that he does not want to be on their team? It would be pretty disappointing if the center does not land in Brooklyn this season, but it would be a lot worse if he gets traded to Los Angeles. A move to LA would possibly result in an extension, while remaining in Orlando this season would put the Nets will in prime position to sign him next season during free agency. This would be the best possibility because Brooklyn would not have to trade any of their promising players to acquire Howard. Brooklyn could have a good season with a healthy Lopez and Kris Humphries, along with Williams, Johnson, and Wallace. They would have an even better season next year if they sign Howard as a free agent when his contract expires in Orlando.

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Dwight Howard Deal Almost Done

As reported by ESPN, the Dwight Howard deal between the Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic is nearly completed as two more teams have entered the trade talks. A potential blockbuster four-team trade would send shock waves throughout the NBA and create the latest “Big Three” in the NBA.

Brooklyn and Orlando needed at least one more team to be involved in the trade. Now it appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Clippers are interested. Here is how the trade will look:

Brooklyn would get: Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson, Chris Duhon, and Earl Clar.

Orlando would get:  Brooke Lopez, Luke Walton, Damion James, Shelden Williams, Armon Johnson, and three first round picks from the Nets.

The Clippers would get: MarShon Brooks

Cleveland would get: Kris Humphries, Quentin Richardson, Sundiata Gaines, a first round pick, and $3 million.

PLEASE LET THIS TRADE HAPPEN ALREADY… I’m pretty sure everyone is tired of hearing about Dwight Howard being traded. Not only would we not have to hear about this every day, but the Nets would also have a really impressive big three of their own to compete against the Miami Heat.

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Williams Was That Close to Leaving Brooklyn

Imagine Deron Williams wound up passing on the 5 year, max offer that the Nets offered to him?  How the Nets organization would have been in complete disarray knowing that the team they pictured wasn’t going to happen?  Well, it was much closer than you can imagine.

 Ever since the end of last season, the Nets pictured opening up at Barclays Center with superstars like Deron Williams and Dwight Howard on their team.  Brooklyn knew in order for this to happen, GM Billy King would have to re-sign the prized point guard.  It wasn’t easy as Mark Cuban and his Mavericks stood in the way.  In the end, Williams tweeted the Brooklyn Nets’ new logo as it represented him staying in New York.  If you asked Deron Williams where he would be playing next season just hours before that tweet sent, you would have been surprised.  He was actually ready to sign with Dallas!  But, thankfully, Nets GM Billy King came through.

 It was Joe Johnson who changed Williams’ mind.  Even though Deron Williams would of loved to play in front of his family, he couldn’t pass up the scheme Mikhail Prokhorov and Billy King are putting together.  Williams told reporters at the USA training camp in Las Vegas: “Joe got me over the hump.  I’ve never played with anybody like him, a guy on the wing that can get his own shot and also get me involved and is a great defender.  We can have one of the top backcourts in the NBA for sure.”

 Phew.  Now that was closer than we all thought.  Honestly, I thought Williams wouldn’t return to the Nets.  Playing for your hometown is a special feeling.  I’m glad that Williams woke up and smelled the coffee.  Brooklyn is trying to do something special and for a player not wanting to be part of it has to be out of his mind.  Johnson is a great player and he and Williams should see much success this season.  Now they can concentrate on getting that superhero from Orlando.  That would be magic.

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Dwight Howard Close to Brooklyn Move?

Pending Deron Williams’ decision to either stay a Net or become a Maverick, Joe Johnson will become the newest Brooklyn Net within the next couple of days. While many experts thought the Joe Johnson trade would take Brooklyn out of the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, the Nets aren’t quite done chasing Howard. Billy King is currently in discussions with the Orlando Magic, with a blockbuster trade in the works.

The proposal includes sending Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and future first round picks in 2013, 2015, and 2017 to Orlando in exchange for Howard. If the deal goes through, Brooklyn would become an NBA Championship contender this coming season.

Brooklyn’s “Big Three” would outmatch that of the Knicks, and would also provide stiff competition for the Miami Heat. The Nets point guard play of Williams would be drastically better than Miami’s. In addition, Dwight Howard at the center position would be better than what the Heat have at the position. And let’s not forget that Gerald Wallace is an above average player who can hold his own against top teams.

As a Brooklynite I am extremely excited about this latest news. The Nets have been a poor team for a while but seemingly over night they have become serious contenders. This team is doing all it can to win over the New York media and become a top basketball team. Just imagine a starting lineup consisting of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, and Dwight Howard! HELLO BROOOOKLYN!


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