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Terrell Owens Reaches Out to Jets via Twitter

Oh jeez.  What’s T.O. up to these days.  Sitting back. Relaxing.  Enjoying some football with a couple of his buddies.  Actually Owens shocked the social media world when he tweeted to the Jets via Twitter that he would be willing to play for them right now.  Now I know what you’re all thinking.  We have enought nut jobs in the Jets locker room so why would we add another.  The answer to that is a three letter word that means so much to fans everywhere: W-I-N.

If you were the GM of the Jets what would you do?  Why not bring Owens in for a workout or two.  I know it didn’t pan out for the Seahawks.  How much money do you think Seattle paid Terrell to be on their pre-season squad?  The number may shock you.  About $10,000.  In that case how much could he cost.  A million, tops.  I think T.O. will get another shot somewhere.  If a team is desperate enough to spend a little money on a wideout then that’s where he’ll end up.  And I have a feeling the Jets and Mike Tannenbaum are getting more and more desperate by the week.


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Forster Fuels Texans Past Jets

Wow, what a night the all-pro runningback Arian Foster.  With the Jets coming off a humiliating loss at home last week to the Pittsburg Steelers, New York looked to bounce back.  Only Texas wasn’t an easy opponent.  Forster ran for 152 yards and had a touchdown on the night.  Not only did he have a huge night but defensive end J.J. Watt was everywhere.  Batting down multiple passes, including the last pass of the game, it seemed that the Jets couldn’t get a ball past this guy.

“That’s what you dream about,” said J.J. Watt said. “It’s Monday Night  Football. You’re on the field. You have a chance to end the game. That’s what  you want. For us to go out there and do that, it’s huge.”

With about three minutes left and the ball in Sanchez’s hands it seemed like the Jets might have had a chance to rally.  Unfortunately, Kareem Jackson intercepted a pass from Sanchez that ultimately sealed the deal.


Antonio Cromartie played fantasic last night, holding Andre Johnson to one catch for 15 yards and even had an interception.  Despite Revis not being a factor any longer, the Jets defense looked like it was in gear last night.  Also, the fact that New York incorporated Tim Tebow in the offense was huge.  He is a playmaker and I think the Jets are just starting to realize his potential.


Where is Stephen Hill and Dustin Keller.  Man, the Jets and Sanchez are ailing without these two.  Especially the fact that Keller is Mark’s favorite target.  Little by little, Sanchez is taking the reigns of this team.  Is he there, yet?  No.  But he’s getting closer.  I could be picky about other negatives I saw but New York was beaten by a better team.  It’s that simple.

Closing Thoughts:

It’s killing the Jets that Keller and Hill still arent back.  The Jets need a playmaker.  Say, isn’t there a troubled wideout that is still in shape and just reached out to the Jets.  That’s right.  Terrell Owens.  Should the Jets risk it?  At this point I’d say go for it.  I know that the locker room is in bad shape but at this point I would choose winning over chemistry.  Texas is a good team.  The Jets played good.  It’s a painful fact to face but they were beat by a better, stronger team.  And I can’t fault Rex Ryan for that.

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Harvey Sparkles in Buffalo

If you’re a Met fan today, be happy.  Yes I know the Mets just got swept by the Atlanta Braves.  And yes I’m aware the Mets are three games over .500 and are going through a rough part of their schedule.  But put that all aside for now because the Mets should be excited.

Highly lauded Met prospect Matt Harvey pitched last night for AAA Buffalo Bison.  Harvey was under the microscope this particular start.  Since the injury of Dillon Gee, the Mets are looking for someone to take his spot and ultimately be the number five starter for the Mets.  Some of the candidates include Jeremy Heffner, Miguel Batista, and Matt Harvey.

We’ve all seen what Heffner and Batista could do in the starting rotation.  Both of them had a couple of moments where they looked like a great pitcher to have in your starting rotation.  Other times you just want to turn away from what you are seeing from them.

Met fans have been hearing Harvey’s name for a while now.  The young right-hander out of North Carolina was picked seventh.  He was known to have electric stuff, but at times could be erratic.  Well Harvey has been working on his command and seems to have much more control than what he had once he was drafted.

Matt Harvey has had a spectacular season.  This season Harvey has a 2.53 ERA in the minors.  He has 106 strikeouts in 105 innings.  He’s the type of pitcher that could get out of trouble with his command of his pitches.  On Monday, Harvey gave up two runs over six innings pitched.  Not to mention he brought a no-hitter into the sixth inning.

Look, the best option to replace Gee with is easily Harvey.  I have a lot of faith in the type of pitcher he is.  I wouldn’t want Batista or Heffner to start for my team.  The organization has been talking about Harvey for the longest time now.  Isn’t it about time they gave him a chance to pitch in the majors?

I get that the Mets don’t want to rush Harvey.  And neither would I.  But he’s ready.  Look at the numbers he has put up in the minors.  They’ve been impressive.  The guy strikes out a bunch of hitters and he’s proven to have much better command of his pitches.  Wally Backman agrees that Harvey is ready for the majors.  The Mets are flirting with going a couple of games under .500 so Harvey might be the spark the Mets need.  Now is the time of season when teams go from contenders to pretenders so the Mets need to stay in the thick of things to make it to October this year.

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Jason Kidd Pleas Not Guilty

Newly-signed Jason Kidd pled not guilty to the DWI charges he faces.  Kidd crashed his SUV into a ultility pole after a night of partying in the Hamptons.

The front of the SUV was totaled but Kidd did not suffer any serious injuries.  Kidd blew a stop sign while travelling back to his $6 million summer home at 2 o’clock in the morning.

When the cops showed up, Kidd reported reeked of alcohol and didn’t have the ability to stand up straight on his feet.  His eyes were bloodshot and watery.  He refused a breathalyzer and later turned away chemical tests at the Southampton Hospital.

Sources say he was not fit to drive at all.  He left the nightclub after breaking a light fixture he tried hanging from.  The club-goers are said to have seen Kidd dancing and drinking vodka throughout the night.

Not a good start for Kidd’s tenure with the Knicks.  I’m sure James Dolan isn’t pleased with him.  Jason Kidd was always looked at as a role model in the NBA community.  Hopefully this will be seen as a little blemish on Kidd’s goodie two-shoe career. 

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Linsanity Done For in New York?

The days of seeing Jeremy Lin in a Knicks uniform might be numbered.  Late last night, the Knicks completed a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers that would bring Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to New York.  In return, Portland will receive Jared Jeffries and Dan Gadzuric.  This move could be the signal that Jeremy Lin will not be returning to New York in the fall.

The Rockets have been playing hard ball.  After offering Jeremy Lin $29 million over 4 years, the Rockets threw out the offer.  Instead, they gave Jeremy Lin a three year, $25.1 million offer sheet to play for the Rockets.  They also packed the last year of the contract with $14.9 million that Lin would be receiving.  This can pose problems as salary cap does take into effect in the NBA.

One would imagine the Knicks will not be pursuing Lin anymore.  There’s no room for him really.  Why would the Knicks have three point guards on the roster?  Though three point guards on a team is unusual, don’t rule the possibility out as the Knicks organization has made some questionable decisions over the years.

According to sources, the Knicks gave up on their pursuit of Lin.  Landry Fields, Lin’s best friend on the Knicks, is not going to be returning as the Knicks didn’t match the offer the Raptors gave him.  Knick fans should expect the organization not to bring back the smartest backcourt in the NBA.

During the beginning of Linsanity, he was putting up crazy numbers.  Scoring at least 20 a game while having double digits in assists.  No one knew how to defend him.  Until his game against Miami.  LeBron and the Miami defense shut him down because they knew his style of play.  Soon the whole league had a report on Jeremy Lin.  They knew how to play him.

Knick fans shouldn’t be too upset of a possible Lin departure.  The two point guard who they received this off-season can hold down the fort pretty well.  Felton thrived with the Knicks and don’t count Jason Kidd out just yet.  Look at the bright side.  Chris Paul is a free agent next off-season.  Can you see a possible big three playing in the Garden? I can.

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Let the Trash Talk Begin

What’s a New York rivalry without a little trash talk?  Frank Francisco fueled the back-and-forth exchanges between the Mets and Yankees.  Bart Scott took a couple of jabs at the Giants days before they played each other.  It seemed like every player on the Devils and Rangers were attacking each other that crazy playoff week.  But when it came to basketball, the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets seemed dull and boring.  Well the Nets don’t want to be named the little brother of the two basketball teams now present in New York.

The Nets showed off their two prized possessions that they acquired this off-season.  Joe Johnson and Deron Williams proudly took the podium and boasted the new look of the Nets at Borough Hall located in Brooklyn.  Nets GM Billy King labeled the duo “the best backcourt in the NBA.”

Standing in front of a crowd of about a thousand, the Brooklyn Nets welcomed Brooklyn’s President Marty Markowitz.  Marty praised Billy King for what he has done for not only the Nets organization, but for Brooklyn itself.

Though it was a pep rally for the Nets, Markowitz couldn’t help but get in his two cents and light the possible fuse that could ignite a much needed New York basketball rivalry.  Markowitz stood in front of many excited Nets fans and took a couple of shots at the Knicks organization. “For nearly 40 years the Manhattan Knicks have shown they can’t bring a championship to New York, so it’s going to take the Brooklyn Nets to get the job done.  So move over Manhattan; enough air balls. You had your chance.”  Marty Markowitz then went on and demeaned Madison Square Garden saying it “just doesn’t have the same sparkle anymore.”

Joe Johnson was next on the mic. When asked who the better team in New York is, Johnson replied “Definitely Nets. Brooklyn Nets.”

“The games are decided on the court,” Williams stated. “We’ll have four chances to play these guys.”

Last season the Nets went 1-3 against the Knicks.  The Nets were also responsible for Jeremy Lin’s break out game when he tore up the Nets defense and dropped 25 points.  The Nets should be better off defensively as it won’t just be Deron Williams putting the team on his back as he will have help.  With Williams, Johnson, Wallace, and Lopez the Nets are pretty much set.  Kris Humphries, a double-double machine, is also close to being signed.

If you’re a Nets fan you have to be please in the direction they are going in.  Let’s hope that the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets picks up a little speed.  The competition is there.  It’s pretty much a clean slate for Brooklyn. The Nets are good on paper but it’s what happens on the court that matters.

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Lin Done in New York?

Uh-oh.  It seems like team really wants Jeremy Lin on their team and it’s not the New York Knicks.  After the Houton offered Lin $29 million over 4 years, in which he agreed to, the Rockets in a way upped the ante.  Now Houston rescinded their offer just to propose $25.1 million over 3 years.  Jeremy Lin at this moment has officially signed the offer sheet given by the Rockets.

The Rockets are playing hard ball.  They realized that once Jeremy Lin  confirmed Houston’s 4 year offer, the Knicks were going to match it.  This resulted in a different, more expensive offer in which the Knicks have to match once again.  New York has to hurry, though, because they only have three days to sign him.  It’s your move New York.  The Rockets made it a little more difficult for t

Now we all heard the Knicks claim.  They declared that they will match any offer Jeremy Lin is given up to a billion dollars.  They have a good reason for that.  Last year, Lin was responsible for igniting the Garden mid-season as Mike D’Antoni and the Knicks were on the balls of their heels.  The Harvard graduate not only brought the Knicks back to a team but made the Knicks a huge amount money with his jersey sales, Linsanity shirts, and more.  It was a huge blow for New York once Lin became injured and opted for knee surgery  but Lin left his mark propelling the Knicks into the playoffs.

The Rockets made it a little more difficult for the Knicks this time around.  In the first two years of his contract, Lin will make a total of a little over $10 million.  But in the final year of his contract, Lin will make a whooping $14.9 million.  This makes the contract much harder to match for the Knicks with the salary cap becoming an issue in the final year.

The Knicks got to be asking themselves: Is it worth it?  There are still options out there.  Players like Raymond Felton and Derek Fisher are still looking for new teams.  The Knicks can even look to the future and possibly acquire Chris Paul next off-season, creating a big three in New York.  Whatever the case is, the Knicks have to be smart in this decision.  Over paying for Lin is the wrong way to go.

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Bring Up Matt Harvey!

The inevitable bad news of Dillon Gee and his surgery for his blood clot in his right shoulder was a huge blow to the Amazin’s.  Ultimately, the Mets fifth starter will most likely miss the remainder of the of the season and look toward a 2013 comeback.  Yes Gee was a great fifth starter for the Mets.  He was all you could ask for from an end of the rotation starter.  Basically the  role of a fifth starter is to eat up innings plus keep his team in the game.  Dillon Gee did just that.  Gee will be missed but there is hope.  It’s not Miguel Batista nor is it Jeremy Hefner.  In fact he’s not in the majors at the moment.  Matt Harvey, who is in AAA Buffalo at the moment, should be the guy that gets the chance to start for the Mets.

Most reporters following the Mets will say it’s not a matter of if Harvey will be in the majors this year; it’s a matter of when.  Do the Mets want to leave him in AAA where he might get a couple of more starts for mechanical tuning or do they want to bring him up to give the Mets some spunk and productivity.  Miguel Batista will get the ball against the Braves on Friday but what if he has a poor start.  We all saw what he can do this year.  At times he looks like a great starter who could be an inning eater as well as keep his team in the game.  We saw flashes of that when Batista went 7 shutout innings against the Brewers.  We also so the bad side of Miguel Batista.  In 5+ innings against Philly he allowed 4 runs.  He also walked a boat load of people allowing many base runners,  That’s not keeping your team in the game.

The good thing about the Mets is that the team doesn’t allow injuries to effect them on the field.  Terry Collins has a great philosophy with managing.  He doesn’t let injuries get in the way of how his team plays.  Even with injuries to Carlos Beltran and Joe Reyes last year Collins still managed to walk the .500 line.  Gee was an important piece to the starting rotation but Terry won’t let this injury get in the way of winning.  Instead of going to Sandy Alderson and begging him to shop for a new starter, Collins is the type of manager to work with what he has.

Here’s a surprising fact.  It’s Matt Harvey’s second year in the minors and he has already made the AAA All-Star Game.  Pretty impressive, huh?  With Harvey you know what you’ll get.  Last season in AA Binghamton, Harvey had control issues.  This off-season he worked hard on improving his command.  And boy did the hard work pay off.  In 98 innings pitched this season, Harvey has 102 strikeouts as well as allowing 42 walks.  That’s equivalent to 9+ strikeouts/9 innings as well as about 2.5 base on balls/9 innings.  This kid is one of the Mets’ top prospects and has showed the Mets organization why he deserves to be in the big leagues.  So is he ready?  Bring him to Citi Field and he’ll show Met fans he, in fact, is.

Well the last thing you want to do is bring up a young minor leaguer before he’s ready.  If he doesn’t find early success, he could become bewildered and in way over his head.  Look what happened to Mike Pelfrey.  The Mets showed a lot of confidence in him but he didn’t find quick success.  This could really demoralize a guy and Pelf had some confidence issues.  I think this is a perfect time to bring up Harvey.  He’s shown success in both Buffalo and Binghamton.  Just like the Cubs and Anthony Rizzo, a young player can really light a fire under a team.  For the Mets, I think coming out of the break strong would be the best thing to happen.


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Howard Not Coming to Brooklyn? No Problem

So the Orlando Magic are reported to be cutting off trade talks with other teams for Dwight Howard.  In a way I’m disappointed.  Brooklyn had a great chance of being one of NBA’s powerhouse teams with Howard at center.  But in a way I’m kind of happy this move didn’t become a reality.  The Nets could be just as good without him, maybe even better.

At this point I bet a majority of the people reading this article is thinking I’m crazy for saying Brooklyn might be better off without Howard but it’s true.  MarShon Brooks, Brook Lopez, and Kris Humphries.  Those are just a few of the major pieces in the Nets organization that they would lose if the Howard deal became possible.  Yes, I am aware that all three of these guys are not even on Dwight’s level but put all three of these guys together and you are better off.

Let’s look at MarShon Brooks.  The 23 year old rookie out of Providence.  He had a great rookie season.  Averaged over 12 points a game and shot over 30% from the free throw line.  Though he had a good year as a rookie it could have even been better.  I feel that Brooks would thrive off the bench.  If you look at the type of player he is you’ll see that he is a quick, energetic forward.  He was seen to be a little shot happy at times but with stars like Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, this issue could be rectified over time.  Brooks is a bench player.  In the curtailed NBA season last year, he started 43 games.  If he stays with the Nets this season, he’ll be coming off the bench with Joe Johnson starting.  I could see him as a Jason Terry type player, coming off the bench with some spunk.

Brook Lopez missed all but five games in the 2011-12 season.  After an unlucky injury in a pre-season game against the cross-town rival Knicks, Lopez’s future with the Nets was up in the air.  I say give him another shot and bring him back.  I guess a lot of people forgot Lopez is a great player.  Lopez averaged about 20 points a game the season before his injury.  Howard averaged basically the same numbers last season.  I think Lopez will have a great season.  With Johnson and D-Will on your team, it’s hard not to partake in the success they will achieve together.

And now to the public punching bag. Who could forget what happened with Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian?  But let’s not go in that territory.  This is a sports blog.  Aside from all of the relationship struggles, Humphries did have a solid season for the Nets.  I mean the guy was a double-double machine.  He averaged a little under 14 points as well as 11 rebounds a game.  Not many people were concentrated on how he played, just what was going on with his personal life.  I guess you can call him a sleeper and a half.

Put all of these guys together and what do you have? A winning product.  I would rather have solid players as well as a bench.  I know it might look better to have Dwight Howard on paper but on the court, these three guys are the way to go.

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Revis Might Hold Out Again

What is going on with Darrelle Revis?  Is he going to hold out or not?  The Jets aren’t sure what he’s going to do.  We all remember Rex Ryan and that sailor-like mouth of his on HBO’s Hard Knocks a couple of seasons ago.  Viewers also caught an inside look to the growing troublesome situation with Revis and his then threat to holdout unless pleased with a new contract.  Well Jet fans might be seeing the same situation arise.

Some people are probably thinking to themselves why is he holding out?  He already received a new contract from the Jets.  Though Revis earned a boat-load of money from his current contract, he said that was to be a band-aid while a new, permanent contract was negotiated.

Here’s the problem for the Jets.  Yes they absolutely want to bring Revis back with his current contract making $13.5 million a year but it’s hard to argue with an all-pro corner who basically shuts receivers down for the game.  Not having Revis in the back field makes the Jets go from a top-ten defense to average or even subpar.

In the first seven games for the Jets, it’s not easy.  They’re up against teams like Pittsburg, San Francisco, New England, and Houston.  With Revis on the field, he can lock down their best receivers.  Without him, who knows what will happen.

As far as we know, it is not a definite that Darrelle holds out this season for a new contract.  He’s been sending mixed signals to the Jets organization.  He has be present at voluntary workouts, but hasn’t made any promises he’ll show up to training camp come July 28th.  Whatever he decides, I’m sure it’ll be headlines.  The last thing the Jets want to do is have the situation turn ugly on them.

Here we are.  Round 2.  Only this time things might not pan out the way Revis wants if he does hold out.  The Jets have such a small room for flexibility with the cap space.  Revis would be heading towards muddy waters if he doesn’t play this smart.  If he doesn’t and gets too big headed, then Darrelle might be sitting out for some, if not, all of the 2012-2013 season.

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