Terrell Owens Reaches Out to Jets via Twitter

Oh jeez.  What’s T.O. up to these days.  Sitting back. Relaxing.  Enjoying some football with a couple of his buddies.  Actually Owens shocked the social media world when he tweeted to the Jets via Twitter that he would be willing to play for them right now.  Now I know what you’re all thinking.  We have enought nut jobs in the Jets locker room so why would we add another.  The answer to that is a three letter word that means so much to fans everywhere: W-I-N.

If you were the GM of the Jets what would you do?  Why not bring Owens in for a workout or two.  I know it didn’t pan out for the Seahawks.  How much money do you think Seattle paid Terrell to be on their pre-season squad?  The number may shock you.  About $10,000.  In that case how much could he cost.  A million, tops.  I think T.O. will get another shot somewhere.  If a team is desperate enough to spend a little money on a wideout then that’s where he’ll end up.  And I have a feeling the Jets and Mike Tannenbaum are getting more and more desperate by the week.


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