SNY @ 7pm: Matt Harvey Starting For AAA Buffalo Bisons Tonight. Next Stop Flushing


In what is a big game for the Mets and their AAA affiliate the Buffalo Bisons, Matt Harvey will be the center attention as he might very well make his final start for Buffalo before heading to Flushing. The game is being aired on SNY for Mets fans to have a look at whether or not Harvey is ready to be promoted. He will go against the Toledo Mud Hens (Detroit Tigers) with scouts, fans, and Mets front office watching him.

A good start for Harvey could very well punch his ticket to New York to face off against the Dodgers on Saturday. A bad start and he could remain in Buffalo for another start. With the pressure on the right-hander to perform, we will catch a glimpse of how he deals with the expectations of playing in a city like New York. 

Also playing for Buffalo tonight is Jason Bay, who is batting second and playing left field. Bay will be back for the Mets within the next couple of days as he is looking to rebound from a series of injuries. His return will provide New York with a right-handed bat in a lefty-heavy lineup.

If you are a Mets fan tonight’s Bisons game will be of great interest to you. Tune into see the impressive prospect make possibly his final tune up game before making his major league debut.


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