Linsanity Done For in New York?

The days of seeing Jeremy Lin in a Knicks uniform might be numbered.  Late last night, the Knicks completed a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers that would bring Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to New York.  In return, Portland will receive Jared Jeffries and Dan Gadzuric.  This move could be the signal that Jeremy Lin will not be returning to New York in the fall.

The Rockets have been playing hard ball.  After offering Jeremy Lin $29 million over 4 years, the Rockets threw out the offer.  Instead, they gave Jeremy Lin a three year, $25.1 million offer sheet to play for the Rockets.  They also packed the last year of the contract with $14.9 million that Lin would be receiving.  This can pose problems as salary cap does take into effect in the NBA.

One would imagine the Knicks will not be pursuing Lin anymore.  There’s no room for him really.  Why would the Knicks have three point guards on the roster?  Though three point guards on a team is unusual, don’t rule the possibility out as the Knicks organization has made some questionable decisions over the years.

According to sources, the Knicks gave up on their pursuit of Lin.  Landry Fields, Lin’s best friend on the Knicks, is not going to be returning as the Knicks didn’t match the offer the Raptors gave him.  Knick fans should expect the organization not to bring back the smartest backcourt in the NBA.

During the beginning of Linsanity, he was putting up crazy numbers.  Scoring at least 20 a game while having double digits in assists.  No one knew how to defend him.  Until his game against Miami.  LeBron and the Miami defense shut him down because they knew his style of play.  Soon the whole league had a report on Jeremy Lin.  They knew how to play him.

Knick fans shouldn’t be too upset of a possible Lin departure.  The two point guard who they received this off-season can hold down the fort pretty well.  Felton thrived with the Knicks and don’t count Jason Kidd out just yet.  Look at the bright side.  Chris Paul is a free agent next off-season.  Can you see a possible big three playing in the Garden? I can.


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