Let the Trash Talk Begin

What’s a New York rivalry without a little trash talk?  Frank Francisco fueled the back-and-forth exchanges between the Mets and Yankees.  Bart Scott took a couple of jabs at the Giants days before they played each other.  It seemed like every player on the Devils and Rangers were attacking each other that crazy playoff week.  But when it came to basketball, the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets seemed dull and boring.  Well the Nets don’t want to be named the little brother of the two basketball teams now present in New York.

The Nets showed off their two prized possessions that they acquired this off-season.  Joe Johnson and Deron Williams proudly took the podium and boasted the new look of the Nets at Borough Hall located in Brooklyn.  Nets GM Billy King labeled the duo “the best backcourt in the NBA.”

Standing in front of a crowd of about a thousand, the Brooklyn Nets welcomed Brooklyn’s President Marty Markowitz.  Marty praised Billy King for what he has done for not only the Nets organization, but for Brooklyn itself.

Though it was a pep rally for the Nets, Markowitz couldn’t help but get in his two cents and light the possible fuse that could ignite a much needed New York basketball rivalry.  Markowitz stood in front of many excited Nets fans and took a couple of shots at the Knicks organization. “For nearly 40 years the Manhattan Knicks have shown they can’t bring a championship to New York, so it’s going to take the Brooklyn Nets to get the job done.  So move over Manhattan; enough air balls. You had your chance.”  Marty Markowitz then went on and demeaned Madison Square Garden saying it “just doesn’t have the same sparkle anymore.”

Joe Johnson was next on the mic. When asked who the better team in New York is, Johnson replied “Definitely Nets. Brooklyn Nets.”

“The games are decided on the court,” Williams stated. “We’ll have four chances to play these guys.”

Last season the Nets went 1-3 against the Knicks.  The Nets were also responsible for Jeremy Lin’s break out game when he tore up the Nets defense and dropped 25 points.  The Nets should be better off defensively as it won’t just be Deron Williams putting the team on his back as he will have help.  With Williams, Johnson, Wallace, and Lopez the Nets are pretty much set.  Kris Humphries, a double-double machine, is also close to being signed.

If you’re a Nets fan you have to be please in the direction they are going in.  Let’s hope that the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets picks up a little speed.  The competition is there.  It’s pretty much a clean slate for Brooklyn. The Nets are good on paper but it’s what happens on the court that matters.


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