Lin Done in New York?

Uh-oh.  It seems like team really wants Jeremy Lin on their team and it’s not the New York Knicks.  After the Houton offered Lin $29 million over 4 years, in which he agreed to, the Rockets in a way upped the ante.  Now Houston rescinded their offer just to propose $25.1 million over 3 years.  Jeremy Lin at this moment has officially signed the offer sheet given by the Rockets.

The Rockets are playing hard ball.  They realized that once Jeremy Lin  confirmed Houston’s 4 year offer, the Knicks were going to match it.  This resulted in a different, more expensive offer in which the Knicks have to match once again.  New York has to hurry, though, because they only have three days to sign him.  It’s your move New York.  The Rockets made it a little more difficult for t

Now we all heard the Knicks claim.  They declared that they will match any offer Jeremy Lin is given up to a billion dollars.  They have a good reason for that.  Last year, Lin was responsible for igniting the Garden mid-season as Mike D’Antoni and the Knicks were on the balls of their heels.  The Harvard graduate not only brought the Knicks back to a team but made the Knicks a huge amount money with his jersey sales, Linsanity shirts, and more.  It was a huge blow for New York once Lin became injured and opted for knee surgery  but Lin left his mark propelling the Knicks into the playoffs.

The Rockets made it a little more difficult for the Knicks this time around.  In the first two years of his contract, Lin will make a total of a little over $10 million.  But in the final year of his contract, Lin will make a whooping $14.9 million.  This makes the contract much harder to match for the Knicks with the salary cap becoming an issue in the final year.

The Knicks got to be asking themselves: Is it worth it?  There are still options out there.  Players like Raymond Felton and Derek Fisher are still looking for new teams.  The Knicks can even look to the future and possibly acquire Chris Paul next off-season, creating a big three in New York.  Whatever the case is, the Knicks have to be smart in this decision.  Over paying for Lin is the wrong way to go.


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