Bring Up Matt Harvey!

The inevitable bad news of Dillon Gee and his surgery for his blood clot in his right shoulder was a huge blow to the Amazin’s.  Ultimately, the Mets fifth starter will most likely miss the remainder of the of the season and look toward a 2013 comeback.  Yes Gee was a great fifth starter for the Mets.  He was all you could ask for from an end of the rotation starter.  Basically the  role of a fifth starter is to eat up innings plus keep his team in the game.  Dillon Gee did just that.  Gee will be missed but there is hope.  It’s not Miguel Batista nor is it Jeremy Hefner.  In fact he’s not in the majors at the moment.  Matt Harvey, who is in AAA Buffalo at the moment, should be the guy that gets the chance to start for the Mets.

Most reporters following the Mets will say it’s not a matter of if Harvey will be in the majors this year; it’s a matter of when.  Do the Mets want to leave him in AAA where he might get a couple of more starts for mechanical tuning or do they want to bring him up to give the Mets some spunk and productivity.  Miguel Batista will get the ball against the Braves on Friday but what if he has a poor start.  We all saw what he can do this year.  At times he looks like a great starter who could be an inning eater as well as keep his team in the game.  We saw flashes of that when Batista went 7 shutout innings against the Brewers.  We also so the bad side of Miguel Batista.  In 5+ innings against Philly he allowed 4 runs.  He also walked a boat load of people allowing many base runners,  That’s not keeping your team in the game.

The good thing about the Mets is that the team doesn’t allow injuries to effect them on the field.  Terry Collins has a great philosophy with managing.  He doesn’t let injuries get in the way of how his team plays.  Even with injuries to Carlos Beltran and Joe Reyes last year Collins still managed to walk the .500 line.  Gee was an important piece to the starting rotation but Terry won’t let this injury get in the way of winning.  Instead of going to Sandy Alderson and begging him to shop for a new starter, Collins is the type of manager to work with what he has.

Here’s a surprising fact.  It’s Matt Harvey’s second year in the minors and he has already made the AAA All-Star Game.  Pretty impressive, huh?  With Harvey you know what you’ll get.  Last season in AA Binghamton, Harvey had control issues.  This off-season he worked hard on improving his command.  And boy did the hard work pay off.  In 98 innings pitched this season, Harvey has 102 strikeouts as well as allowing 42 walks.  That’s equivalent to 9+ strikeouts/9 innings as well as about 2.5 base on balls/9 innings.  This kid is one of the Mets’ top prospects and has showed the Mets organization why he deserves to be in the big leagues.  So is he ready?  Bring him to Citi Field and he’ll show Met fans he, in fact, is.

Well the last thing you want to do is bring up a young minor leaguer before he’s ready.  If he doesn’t find early success, he could become bewildered and in way over his head.  Look what happened to Mike Pelfrey.  The Mets showed a lot of confidence in him but he didn’t find quick success.  This could really demoralize a guy and Pelf had some confidence issues.  I think this is a perfect time to bring up Harvey.  He’s shown success in both Buffalo and Binghamton.  Just like the Cubs and Anthony Rizzo, a young player can really light a fire under a team.  For the Mets, I think coming out of the break strong would be the best thing to happen.



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