Howard Not Coming to Brooklyn? No Problem

So the Orlando Magic are reported to be cutting off trade talks with other teams for Dwight Howard.  In a way I’m disappointed.  Brooklyn had a great chance of being one of NBA’s powerhouse teams with Howard at center.  But in a way I’m kind of happy this move didn’t become a reality.  The Nets could be just as good without him, maybe even better.

At this point I bet a majority of the people reading this article is thinking I’m crazy for saying Brooklyn might be better off without Howard but it’s true.  MarShon Brooks, Brook Lopez, and Kris Humphries.  Those are just a few of the major pieces in the Nets organization that they would lose if the Howard deal became possible.  Yes, I am aware that all three of these guys are not even on Dwight’s level but put all three of these guys together and you are better off.

Let’s look at MarShon Brooks.  The 23 year old rookie out of Providence.  He had a great rookie season.  Averaged over 12 points a game and shot over 30% from the free throw line.  Though he had a good year as a rookie it could have even been better.  I feel that Brooks would thrive off the bench.  If you look at the type of player he is you’ll see that he is a quick, energetic forward.  He was seen to be a little shot happy at times but with stars like Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, this issue could be rectified over time.  Brooks is a bench player.  In the curtailed NBA season last year, he started 43 games.  If he stays with the Nets this season, he’ll be coming off the bench with Joe Johnson starting.  I could see him as a Jason Terry type player, coming off the bench with some spunk.

Brook Lopez missed all but five games in the 2011-12 season.  After an unlucky injury in a pre-season game against the cross-town rival Knicks, Lopez’s future with the Nets was up in the air.  I say give him another shot and bring him back.  I guess a lot of people forgot Lopez is a great player.  Lopez averaged about 20 points a game the season before his injury.  Howard averaged basically the same numbers last season.  I think Lopez will have a great season.  With Johnson and D-Will on your team, it’s hard not to partake in the success they will achieve together.

And now to the public punching bag. Who could forget what happened with Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian?  But let’s not go in that territory.  This is a sports blog.  Aside from all of the relationship struggles, Humphries did have a solid season for the Nets.  I mean the guy was a double-double machine.  He averaged a little under 14 points as well as 11 rebounds a game.  Not many people were concentrated on how he played, just what was going on with his personal life.  I guess you can call him a sleeper and a half.

Put all of these guys together and what do you have? A winning product.  I would rather have solid players as well as a bench.  I know it might look better to have Dwight Howard on paper but on the court, these three guys are the way to go.


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