Dwight Howard Saga Takes a Turn


While it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Dwight Howard would get his wish of playing for the Brooklyn Nets, the four-team deal that would have made that happen fell apart. The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly pulled out of the trade that would have given them Kris Humphries. Reports say that the complexities of sign and trade deals were the reason. Others say that Cleveland abandoned the trade because they did not want to help assemble another “Big Three”, as they did when James joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

The crazy Dwight Howard trade talk has once again involved the Lakers and Rockets after the four way deal with Brooklyn fell through. The Nets have given Orlando a deadline of 6PM today to get a deal done. If it does not happen, the Nets will move on and focus on building their team around Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.

The Lakers have the most to offer to Orlando with Andrew Bynum, but it is uncertain whether Howard wants to be traded there. In addition, Bynum’s contract situation is a concern for the Magic as he could decide to sign elsewhere at the end of next season if he does not want to stay in Orlando.

No one really knows anymore. I’m not even sure Howard knows what is in store for him. A resolution, however, will be made in the near future as the free agent signing period is here and sign and trade deals will be complicated due to the salary cap restrictions. Howard could very well end up a Laker, a Net, a Rocket, or he could remain a Magic player.

This has gone on for way too long now. Why won’t Orlando just get rid of a guy who has clearly stated that he does not want to be on their team? It would be pretty disappointing if the center does not land in Brooklyn this season, but it would be a lot worse if he gets traded to Los Angeles. A move to LA would possibly result in an extension, while remaining in Orlando this season would put the Nets will in prime position to sign him next season during free agency. This would be the best possibility because Brooklyn would not have to trade any of their promising players to acquire Howard. Brooklyn could have a good season with a healthy Lopez and Kris Humphries, along with Williams, Johnson, and Wallace. They would have an even better season next year if they sign Howard as a free agent when his contract expires in Orlando.


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