Dwight Howard Not Coming to Brooklyn, Lopez Re-Signs


In a surprising twist, the Nets have moved on from the Dwight Howard trade talk after the four-team trade fell through. Brooklyn was apparently tired of going back and forth with Orlando over possible trade conditions, and so they have chosen to turn the page on a crazy last couple of months of Howard- to -Nets rumors.

The Lakers and Rockets are still in on Howard, but there has been news that the Magic have suspended trade talk in order to focus on hiring a new coach. This could be a good sign for the Nets as they might just have a chance to sign Howard as a free agent next off-season.

As a result, Brooklyn has turned their attention to signing Brook Lopez to a max deal. The team gave Orlando the 6PM deadline because Lopez received two offer sheets from the Trailblazers and the Bobcats, and they didn’t want to lose Lopez amidst the Dwight Howard trade talks.

So Lopez will be back and Humphries will follow. Not a bad off-season for Brooklyn even though they didn’t get Howard.

This news isn’t the worst news for Nets fans. Brooklyn is still a playoff team with a rotation of Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Humphries, and Lopez. This team should compete for a top six seed in the East, something fans couldn’t say for a long time about the Nets. Lopez isn’t a bad alternative so long as he stays healthy. When he plays he is a solid post-up center with a pretty good jump shot for a big man. Sure he’s not on Howard’s level, but don’t worry Nets fans; Prokhorov has money to burn. Brooklyn will be relevant and they will compete with the Heat within the next three seasons.


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