Dillon Gee to DL After Health Scare


Just when the Mets were feeling good about their chances this year, the proverbial run of bad luck for this team has struck again. Just a few days removed from pitching a gem versus the Cubs, Dillon Gee suffered a serious health scare Monday.

Gee had been complaining of numbness in his pitching fingers after his start on Sunday and was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital where he will remain for the next couple of days. Doctors found and removed blood clot in his right shoulder which will land Dillon on the DL for the time being. The Mets will be extremely cautious with Gee considering how scary of an injury this is.

The right-hander was scheduled to pitch the opener of the Braves series after the break but now the Mets will have to adjust their rotation. It is uncertain how long he will be on the shelf as Matt Harvey is waiting in AAA Buffalo. Sources have said that New York will not call up Harvey until next month at the earliest, as the front office feels he needs more time to develop.

With Gee on the DL, they will need to find a spot starter until either Gee returns, or until Harvey is ready for the majors. Miguel Batista is an option and so is Chris Schwinden. A roster move will be announced shortly by the Mets.

It always happens every season. The Mets seem to have absolutely no luck when it comes to injuries. First, Mike Pelfrey needs Tommy John surgery, then Jason Bay goes on the DL once again, and now Gee is injured. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be the beginning of a rough second half to the season. As much as I feel Harvey needs more time in the minors, I do not want to see Schwinden or Batista fill in for an extended period of time. Let us see what the kid has! In all seriousness, let’s hope Gee’s illness is not serious and he will be able to return soon to anchor the back-end of the rotation.


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