Mets Get Snubbed…Twice

Wow.  The Mets just keep getting disregarded in the MLB All-Star Game.  First it was David Wright.  A man who is seen as an MVP contender in the NL.  He was beat out by Pablo Sandavol for the third-base starting spot in the game.  Wright was “disappointed” to say the least, and everyone knows who really should have been starting at third-base this year.

Just when the Met fans thought getting belittled was enough for one all-star game, it happened again!  This time the culprit was Tony LaRussa.

Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?  Dickey’s stats tell the whole story.  This season R.A. Dickey has better numbers in categories like ERA, WHIP, and strikeouts, just to name a few.  And if you’re not a statistics type of fan riddle me this.  One can make an argument saying Cain threw a perfect game this season.  Look at his opponent.  He pitched against the Houston Astros.  The team that’s twenty games under .500.  And I guess Dickey’s back to back one-hitters don’t matter?

Could it be that baseball does not respect the knuckleball?  Knuckleballers have a history dating back for a long time now and have been seen as streaky.  Yes, I know Dickey can’t control where the knuckleball goes once it is travelling to the catcher’s mitt but his numbers aren’t out of sheer luck.  Dickey throws the knuckler faster than any other pitcher who had this pitch in their repertoire.  Plus he has that fastball to fall back on if he needs to.  The numbers don’t lie.

The more and more I watch the MLB All-Star games, the more I realize how foolish the idea of how this game dictates home field advantage in the World Series.  I have a feeling Dickey will take the mound for the NL All-Stars at one point in the game, just a couple of innings too late of his rightful place.


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