Is Bryce Harper an All-Star?

Is Bryce Harper a worthy all-star?  The answer is pretty simple.  NO.  Harper, who wasn’t even chosen to be in the all-star game to begin with, is that 19-year old phenom you keep seeing on ESPN.  When I first started hearing about this kid I was impressed.  He was touted to be the next huge star once he came up to the big leagues.  Well he’s here.  Although I don’t think he’s an all-star, I’m not belittling what he has done for the Washington Nationals at all.  I mean for a 19-year old rookie, his numbers are pretty darn impressive.

In 62 games started this year Harper’s stats down the line are .282/.354/.472.  Impressive for a rookie just getting his feet wet in the majors but not good enough to be an MLB All-Star.  Harper was the last choice by the fans to be entered into the game.  That just shows a true baseball fan that all that vote consists of is fan appeal and popularity.

I think it’s great for the MLB that a player as young as Harper has been granted admittance for this game.  But have we all lost sight of what the all-star game is really supposed to determine?  Between David Wright not starting, R.A. Dickey not starting, and now Bryce Harper earning a spot on the all-star roster, the NL All-Star team looks completely overmatched by the AL All-Stars.

There are some great players that could be seen as more deserving than Harper.  Players like Jason Kubel, Martin Prado, and Hunter Pence.  And the fact that Harper was announced as a write-in before Michael Bourne is utterly ridiculous.  Aside from all my complaining about the MLB All-Star game I just want to see my team’s league win.  Home field advantage plays a huge role in determining the winner of the World Series but I guess MLB feels a need to give this game a title of importance.


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