Knicks Need to Make This Off-Season a Success

Man what an off-season it has been for the Brooklyn Nets.  They have resigned Deron Williams.  Traded for Joe Johnson.  Brought back Gerald Wallace.  Yet they’re still not done!  Dwight Howard is still in their crosshairs.  If anything, they could just fall back on the solid Brook Lopez and call it a more than successful off-season.

Now what about that other New York team?  Aside from signing Jason Kidd, a player who has one foot out the door of his career, the Knickerbockers have been quiet to say the least.  Even though I don’t expect the Knicks to make a big time deal, there are player that can make this off-season a successful one.

First off, the Knicks have to bring back J.R. Smith and Steve Novak.  Sources have said that J.R. is willing to stay with the Knicks.  So what are they waiting for?  Smith, 26, averaged 12.5 points as well as a little fewer than four rebounds a game.  New York can sign him for as little as $2.9 million.  I think the team can cough up $3 million for a solid player like Smith.

Now what about that sharp-shooter, Steve Novak.  Novak was a nice little surprise for the Knicks last year.  He shot 47 percent behind the arc as well as hit 85 three-point shots which was second in the league.  He brings a different type of intensity to MSG and the Knicks would be foolish not to sign him.

But what about Jeremy Lin?  Linsanity.  As much as I don’t think that he is worth $7.5 million a year for the next four years, it is vital that the Knicks bring him back.  I think if Dolan came out as soon as the season ended and told Lin where they stood money wise, the Houston Rockets wouldn’t have even been in the equation.  The Rockets were smart.  Though they did offer Lin that kind of money because they want him in Houston, they also jacked up the price for Lin.  Dolan and the Knicks could have had Lin for much less if they didn’t let other teams command how the free agent market went.  Even though Lin received contract offers from teams other than the Knicks, I expect Linsanity to be in effect in New York next year.

The Knicks can’t horse around.  If they don’t sign Novak and Smith on July 11, the first day players can sign, then they can find themselves overpaying for these two players.  I’m expecting all three of these guys back in a Knicks uniform next year.  They are certainly needed in New York and should be treated like they are.


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