Phil Hughes Needs to Take Control

The Yankees didn’t plan for both of their best pitchers to be out on the DL before the start of the season but bad luck has struck.  On that note the Yankees are really looking to Phil Hughes to take control of the pitching staff.  On Sunday vs. the White Sox, Hughes went 8 innings for the second consecutive game all the while leading his team to a victory.

Hughes seems to be getting more and more consistent as the season rolls along.  In his last 10 starts he has not allowed more than 2 runs in 8 games.  He can start to be seen as an anchor for the Yankees if he keeps that up.

Meanwhile, Hiroki Kuroda is quietly having a pretty decent season as his ERA dropped to 3.17, 9th among all AL starters.  If these two pitchers can hold down the fort until Pettitte and C.C. can come back, the Yankees will be in good shape.


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