Martin Brodeur to Stay with NJ for Another Two Years


Well the Devils avoided a very awkward situation.  With the Chicago Blackhawks interested in signing the veteran goalie, NJ locks up Brodeur for another couple of years.  Seeing Brodeur in a uniform besides the Devils could of just been down right weird.

Brodeur’s previous contract was worth six years while he made $5.2 million a year.  With Brodeur aging, the Devils offered him a one year contract.  He wasn’t thrilled about the offer by the team and teams like the Blackhawks and Maple Leafs were feeding him offers.

Ultimately the Devils finally did the right thing and added another year to the original contract that they had offered to Marty.  This convinced a player who never wanted to leave that he should stay.  Over the next two years, Brodeur will be making $9 million.

Over his 19 years in a Devils uniform, Martin Brodeur has racked up 656 wins.  Can he reach 700 wins with a possible scheduled retirement in two years?  If the aging Canadian goalie can show he still has the ability to play his position well, 700 is a great possibility.

Man this could of been disastrous for the Devils organization.  Imagine losing Brodeur and Parise all in one week?  I understand the risk New Jersey is taking in signing Brodeur to a multi-year contract but he had a great season last year and brought the Devils so close in winning their fourth Stanley Cup.  I think it was very smart for the Devils to sign him, especially when you consider they didn’t really have a plan B.   


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