Should Alderson Have Signed Capuano?

This past off season for the Mets wasn’t pretty.  The Wilpons were awaiting a decision on the Bernie Madoff court case.  This resulted in the Mets to be handcuffed with spending.  The Mets had very little money to spend and were desperate to improve their bullpen.  They aquired nutcase Frank Francisco and the always shaky Jon Rauch.  Alderson wanted to sign Chris Capuano but not as a starter but instead as a reliever.  Capuano declined the trade and soon signed with the Dodgers.

I dont’t think many could have predicted that Capuano would be having an all star game worthy year so far.  Last year Chris Capuano was an effective, reliable starter but had an ERA over 4.20.  He was seen as an effective until the later innings.  This is what caused the Mets GM to want to sign him as a reliever.

Not only did Capuano not want to sign as a reliever, he also wanted a two-year deal.  Any Met fan knows the team was handcuffed with financial problems so signing him to a multi-year contract was not in the cards.

Chris Young was signed over Capuano for a few reasons.  The major reason was because of money.  Young’s 2011 season ended prematurely because of his shoulder.  He was out for 12 months because of surgery on his shoulder capsules, the same surgury Santana had.  Because Young was coming off serious surgury, no team was going to throw a big contract his way.  This was seen as a great opportunity for the Mets and they capitalized.

Also, Young was the Mets best pitcher for the time he was healthy.  Young was 1-0 with a 1.88 ERA.  He looked dominare and poised to have a great year.  Well that didn’t happen.  But Young looks like he never left.  Dominant seems like the appropriate word for Young this year.  And hopefully reliable.


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