Mets Looking for Bullpen Relief

It’s no secret the Mets bullpen is the team’s achilles heel this season. New York, in fact has the worst bullpen in the National League which has blown 16 games this year. Just about everyone with the exception of Tim Byrdak has struggled. Jon Rauch is responsible for seven losses, Frank Francisco has blown three saves and has an ERA of 4.97, Miguel Batista has a 4.10 ERA, the list goes on.

Sandy Alderson has expressed interest in trading for some bullpen help at the trade deadline if he feels the team has a real chance to make the playoffs, Several names that have popped up are Huston Street who has had a great season with a 1.50 ERA and 11 saves in 11 tries. With the Padres starting another poor season in the face, the team might very well trade away the 28-year old former All-Star.

Another name that Mets fans will be familiar with is Francisco Rodriguez. Yes, that Francisco Rodriguez. The one they call K-Rod. Rodriguez has a 3.82 ERA and can be either a set-up man or a closer, which the Mets could desperately use.

There are many other possibilities for the Mets at the trade deadline and even through the waiver wire to bolster the ‘pen.

The Mets bullpen has been lousy all year and has cost the team way too many games. If they would have blown half of the 16 games that they blew, the Mets would be in first place in the NL East. A leaky bullpen can demoralize a team as we saw in 2007 and 2008 when the Mets collapsed. New York has to address this issue soon before things get out of hand and the bullpen costs them more games. Every game is an adventure late when the team is either holding a slender lead or tied, and this cannot happen if you are trying to win a pennant. Jon Rauch has to go and so does Miguel Batista. Simply put, the Mets will not go anywhere if the do not acquire an established reliever. 


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