Is Steve Nash Worth It?

The NBA Finals are over. While South Beach is still in party mode, the rest of the NBA is all business. Free agency is right around the corner. One of the biggest free agents is the future Hall of Famer, Steve Nash. The Knicks have been looking for a player to take control of this offense but do they already have one on their roster?

Steve Nash isn’t young to say the least. He is set to turn 38 later this year. Although he is well past the prime of his career, Nash is still looked at as a top 10 point guard. He shoots 50% from the field and is practically automatic from the free-throw line his whole career.

Nash’s career is coming to a close and he would like to win a ring before he retires from the game.  Him coming to the Knicks gives him a great chance to win with superstars like Carmelo and Amar’e Stodemire waiting in New York.

But what about Jeremy Lin? Nash has told the media he woudn’t mind playing with Lin at all. Nash told ESPN New York’s Mark Mazzeo “I wouldn’t have any fear of the fans maybe having a love affair with Jeremy [Lin]. …I think it’s great. …That doesn’t really bother me”

One major question is will the Knicks have enough money. Well if the Knicks signing Steve Novak and Jeremy Lin they will have about $3 million to spend. That’s not even enough to bring in free agents Raymond Felton or Andre Miller, let alone Steve Nash.

I think the consensus of the Knick fans is to get Steve Nash by all means.


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