Deron Williams Narrows List Down to Two Teams

Superstar free agent Deron Williams has reportedly narrowed his choice down to either the Dallas Mavericks or the Brooklyn Nets. Right now it is 50/50 but it is no secret that D-Will has a desire to play for his hometown Dallas Mavericks.

His decision will have a tremendous impact on the future of the Nets franchise as the move to Brooklyn would take a serious blow without the talents of the All-Star point guard.

One scenario that would increase Brooklyn’s chances of re-signing him would be if they are able to trade for Dwight Howard. The Nets would go from bottom dwellers in the NBA to championship contenders over night, and Williams would attract the attention in Brooklyn that he never received while playing in New Jersey.

With so much to consider, Williams hopes not to pull off another LeBron “Decision” and infuriate his hometown fans back in Dallas, but he also does not want to leave Brooklyn on a bad note.

The Nets drastically need Williams to stay for multiple reasons. First, the talent level of the team will take a tremendous hit if he decides to part ways. Brooklyn would be left with many holes in their roster and almost no way of filling them as the free agent class of 2012 does not include any other stars on D-Will’s level. Sure they have plenty of cap-space. But do Nets fans really want a desperation move to sign Ersan Ilyasova, aging Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, or Kenyon Martin? In addition, the team has no first-round draft pick in this years draft due to the Gerald Wallace trade. The Nets also need Williams to stay to consistently sell tickets and market the Brooklyn Nets brand. Fans will initially flock to the Barclays Arena,but if the team keeps losing, the whole Brooklyn thing won’t be cool anymore. If you are a Nets fan you better hope he re-signs.


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