Carmelo Anthony: ‘My Time is Coming’

The year is 1973. Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier and Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe are leading the New York Knicks to their first NBA Championship. Flash forward 39 years later and the number of NBA Championships for the Knicks still stands at 1.

I guess Lebron finally winning his first ring woke Anthony up as he is seen working extra hard this offseason in preperation for next season.  Anthony has been taking place in an intense training camp in Los Angeles.  He has always been hounded for coming in to training camp ‘overweight’ but looks to silence those claims.  He has already lost 12 pounds, dropping his weight to 239.

He also wants to come into the season prepared. The Knicks were known to not have a plan as Stodemire, Anthony, and Lin did not play together all that often.  And when they did, the offense seems stagnant and lost.  Carmelo looks to rectify this.  He has worked out with Tyson Chandler and Jeremy Lin a few times.

This is great to hear.  Knick fans are thirsty for a championship and seeing a banner being raised in The Garden.  With LeBron winning the finals this season, this unquestionably motivated Carmelo for the better of the team.  Now he is seen as one of the best players in the NBA without a ring and he wants to get rid of this title. Do I think the Knicks will win it all in the next couple of years. Only if Lin, Anthony, and Stodemire can get on the same page. If not this team can be deemed unsuccessful.


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