Dickey, CC Square Off in Highly Anticipated Duel

R.A. Dickey and C.C. Sabathia will take the bump for their teams tonight as they face off in an exciting matchup tonight on Sunday Night Baseball.

Dickey (11-1, 2.00 ERA) has been having a stelar season and is looking to keep it going vs. the Yankees. Dickey has made 9 apperances against the Yankees, 3 starts, and has gone 3-1 with a 2.30 ERA. He has tossed back-to-back one hitters against Baltimore and Tampa Bay.

Sabathia (9-3, 3.55 ERA) has been pretty darn good for the Yankees this season especially as of late. In his last five starts he has won four of them. C.C. has made four starts against the Mets and has gone 3-1 against them with a 2.25 ERA, which, like Diickey against the Yankees, is outstanding.

I’m actually really excited for this game. I can’t remember the last time I was this pumped for a Mets-Yankees game. With all of the back and forth trash talk that has been going on between these two teams, the atmosphere feels a lot different. These two aces will be on display as a national audience will be tuned in and trust me, they’re making sure they’ll catch this one. These two are the two best pitchers in New York right now and the fact that we’re going to see them face off just makes this cross-town rivalry that much sweeter.


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