Mavs Owner Embarrasses ESPN’s Bayless, Stephen A.


Well, the NBA season is finished and now comes off-season talks of what went right and wrong in the NBA Finals. One of the most entertaining sports shows on TV, First Take, welcomed on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to discuss about LeBron James and the Miami Heat. What the audience saw was entertaining television. Cuban told off one of LeBron’s biggest critic, Skip Bayless.

Mark Cuban: “You guys like to speak in complete generalities so that no one can ever question you,” Cuban told Bayless. “You don’t ever use facts, you don’t ever use substance.”

After his heated discussion with Bayless, Mark Cuban turned his attention to Stephen A. Smith and ripped him apart.

The video can be seen here:

I am so glad someone told these two knuckleheads off. Honestly, I have much respect for both but they are constantly complaining. Between Stephen A. and Tim Tebow and Skip Bayless and LeBron James, it’s about time someone said something to these two. Bravo Cuban.


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