Collins Takes Shot at Yankee Stadium

The highly anticipated Met-Yankee Subway Series doesn’t even begin until 7:10 on Friday night but that didn’t stop Mets’ manager Terry Collins from making the first headline of the series. When asked to comment on the last series against the Yankees, Collins had something to say about the cozy dimensions.

Terry Collins stated:

“Our ballpark plays a little bit differently than theirs,” he said, adding later: “Yankee Stadium is a great place for their team and their fans; there’s a lot of home runs hit. They can hit them out of here, too; it’s just not quite as easy as it is over there.”

This season, Yankee Stadium has averaged 2.88 home runs per game while the Mets have hit a respectable 1.57 home runs per game. It might not seem like a lot but since the Mets have brought in the walls the home run numbers are way up. At this time last year, the Mets were averaging 1.33 homers a game. Fans can see the homer numbers have increased this year but Citi Field is anything from a hitter friendly park.


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